I’m so excited to be starting a new blog series at Make it Mariko called “From a Wedding Planner” where we’ll give you tips and tricks to planning your wedding, from the perspective of a Wedding Planner!

Today’s feature: 

What questions should I ask
my potential Wedding Venue?

See below for our list of typical questions that we’d ask of any Event Venue that we talk to. Hope it is helpful!

-Gina Mariko

Venue Site Visit Questions

  1. What is the max capacity of the space?
  2. What timeframe comes with the package? What about load in/out?
  3. What are the different locations we can utilize as part of the rental?
  4. Is there space for dressing rooms for couple?
  5. Do you have a cut off time for music?
  6. Can we bring our own alcohol?
  7. Can we bring our own caterer?
  8. Can we use any vendors we want?  Do you have any vendor restrictions?
  9. Do you have rentals onsite? If so, what specific rentals are included?
  10. Does your team manage the setup of those rentals?
  11. Parking?
  12. Bathrooms?
  13. Do you allow sterno? Candles?
  14. Are there any other extra fees? (i.e. additional people, outside vendors, etc)
  15. Do you have a minimum cost that we must meet?
  16. What other restrictions do you have, if any?  Noise, decor restrictions?
What other questions have you found yourself asking of your Wedding Venues?
Share with us in the comments below!