At the beginning of the summer Junalene and I started brainstorming concepts and planning for a Pride-inspired Photoshoot. This would be the first photoshoot that we did as Endeavors Collective! We wanted to showcase our same sex couple clients during a month dedicated to celebrating their love and right to marry, and also show solidarity as allies for our LGBT clients and friends after the tragic events that occurred in Orlando.

It’s been a crazy summer and I’m finally able to blog and share some of my favorite shoot photos with you, including some behind-the-scenes shots! We had so many amazing partners on board for the shoot and I couldn’t be happier how it all turned out. 

#sfpride #loveislove #prayfororlando


Photoshoot Partners:

Styling & Design: Make it Mariko
Florals: Juna Alinea
Photography (red, orange, green, blue, purple): Gladys Jem Photography
Photography (yellow): Marty & Mabel
Menu Design: Marty & Mabel
Custom Koozies & Custom woodwork: Warp and West
Rentals: Bright Event Rentals
Linens: Napa Valley Linens
Venue sponsor: jones

Day 1 started off great at 620 Jones. We worked and completed our setup on the upstairs patio, but when shoot time came the sun was glaring and the wind was blowin and would not let up. We tried all kinds of tricks like being creative with our extra linens…which didn’t work. 


We ended up biting the bullet and moving our shot inside. But actually, it was a blessing in disguise because we got these babies for our GREEN & BLUE shots. And actually got to light our candles!

endeavorscollective_green018 copy





Shout out to Warp & West for the custom woodwork.


Two complete tablescape setups in one hour? Had to just laugh it off!


This is how you get a dinnerware shot. #behindthescenes 


That was a wrap for Day 1!

Day 2 started off just as nerve-wracking with super strong wind : Freakin San Francisco can’t cut me a break. We started the day with our Endeavors Collective crew meeting up in Golden Gate Park for our PURPLE group shot. Even had special guest MACEO representing the next generation. I love our crew! #endeavorscollective



After we wrapped the group shot, we got ready for our crazy tablescape setup in the park. 

Thankfully once we got into Shakespeare Garden the trees sheltered us and saved the day! We parked the bus and did a super ninja-style setup carrying the farm table from Bright Rentals into the park.

endeavorscollective_red001 copy

Gladys Jem took super dreamy and inspiring shots for our RED wine & cheese tablescape.

endeavorscollective_red012 copy endeavorscollective_red049 copy

endeavorscollective_red044 copy

endeavorscollective_red020 copy

endeavorscollective_red019 copy

endeavorscollective_red018 copy

Someone’s gotta pour the wine


endeavorscollective_red002 copy

And what did we do after we wrapped this shot? Sat down to eat and drink of course! It was the perfect break in the day and how could we waste a perfect wine and cheese lunch?


Next up, some quick shots for ORANGE, featuring the custom leather koozies made by Warp & West.

endeavorscollective_orange002 -small

We ended the day with Alison & Dionne.

Seriously one of the sweetest couples we’ve ever met. They met at #herchurch in San Francisco singing in the choir, fell in love, and plan to get married this Fall. Alison & Dionne’s love for one another was so apparent, tender, and honest throughout our shoot. It was a joy to capture them together. Clearly this is YELLOW 🙂





Seriously couldn’t have imagined a better way to end our #sfpride Photoshoot.

Love is freaking love <3


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