November 13, 2018. JON’S DAY.

Every November 13th is Jon’s day. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since my cousin chose to leave this earth, and his pain behind. As I put on my ‘Jon shirt’ this morning and listened to my ‘Love Life’ playlist, tears immediately began to flow. A mix of sadness, missing him, and also feeling thankful. Because I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Jon.

In the weird way that this universe works, his death truly brought me to life. It forced me to look at my life, my decisions, my job, and helped me find true PURPOSE. It led me to quitting, to starting my own business, to SOMA Pilipinas, to Filipino community. For that I’m forever in debt to you cousin.

It’s only proper that I share this video today. This Lightning Talk at Entrepinays Summit that I dedicated to Jon. I’ve been noodling on this talk for a long time, trying to answer the question “what is my message?” I now know. It’s actually very clear to me, and all the future opportunities are revealing themselves slowly giving me clear focus.

Thank you Jon. I love you. I miss you so so much. Today is for you.

– Gina Mariko