Clouds. There’s something so beautiful, and peaceful, and oh so magical about them. I’m mad about clouds. I find peace looking at them, staring at them, pondering their beauty and purpose. They also make me feel closer to nature, to the universe, and most importantly, to those who have passed before me. Clouds are a symbol of my spirituality.

Banter. noun – the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s informal. It’s the conversations that make up our everyday chatter. The time we fill in between moments. The way we connect with each other as humans.

When thinking about my blog and the type of ideas I want to share with the world, I felt like these two words captured an interesting contrast between the serious & profound, the playful & light. I feel like this is how I live my life — Speculating on important philosophical matters of life and love, while cracking jokes until my face hurts. Kind of like laughing at a funeral (which I’ve done). As sad and serious as any moment can be, there’s always beauty, and laughter, and love that can be found in it.

That’s what Cloud Banter means to me. Appreciating the seriousness and spiritual in life, but never taking yourself too seriously to laugh. To play. To ENJOY each other. To enjoy our lives and every moment that we’re blessed to have lived.

Cloud Banter is to live in the NOW. To live in the moment. I’m excited to start this blog and share my thoughts with you. Expect to hear about life, love, wedding and event inspiration and tips, as well as life hacks to help you stay organized.

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