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Make it Mariko (pronounced mah-ri-ko) is a Bay Area event production company focused on creating magical, meaningful, and unforgettable moments.

Moments that make you feel, make you cry, make you laugh, give you perspective on life; moments that you’ll remember forever. We focus on weddings, nonprofit & arts events in the San Francisco Bay Area.


My family has a motto:
“to da dit”
(literally “to the death” said in a Filipino accent)

It started off as a saying the cousins learned from our uncles; our version of “Cheers!” that we’d say before taking shots at family parties. It was a fun phrase to get the party started as we pledged to drink “to the death”. But after my cousin only 3 months younger than me passed away tragically in 2011 and then my uncle in 2014, the meaning changed drastically for our entire family. “To da dit” became something more real — a mantra reminding us to never forget how precious our lives are, to appreciate every single day, and most importantly, to appreciate each other.

Family and love is everything. Life can be cut short at any moment, and you never know when, or how. The moments we create with each other are what matter the most, and are what we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

That’s why our goal at Make it Mariko is to create magical, meaningful, and unforgettable moments for you, your family, your community, and your loved ones. Moments worth remembering “to da dit” and beyond. 

Read the fully story about “To da dit” on my blog!


When you partner with Make it Mariko, you can expect:
  • Professionalism

  • A huge smile

  • Speed & utmost efficiency

  • Guaranteed laughter

  • Patience

  • Perfect spelling (Fun fact: Gina was a regional spelling bee champion and is a huge advocate of the Oxford comma.)

*Ask about our special nonprofit rates.

Meet the Team

We are an all women-of-color team dedicated to producing magical, meaningful moments through events,
keeping you organized, on deadline, and calm, and building strong relationships with our clients and community. 

Gina Mariko Rosales
Gina Mariko Rosales

Founder & Owner

Gina Mariko Rosales is an events enthusiast, #Entrepinay (pinay entrepreneur), efficiency nerd, dancer, and nonprofit advocate. Prior to founding Make it Mariko, Gina spent 10 years doing corporate & nonprofit event planning, administration, and operations. She was the first Administrative Business Partner for the Google Self-Driving Car Team, and the first Marketing Events Manager at X, the moonshot factory (formerly Google X) where she planned large scale tech marketing events, press, and public policy events. Gina was former Executive Director of the award-winning, nonprofit performing arts organization, Funkanometry SF and did youth outreach work with SF & Oakland schools. She is the Co-Founder of the UNDISCOVERED SF Creative Night Market in SOMA Pilipinas. Gina’s personal mission is to create magical, meaningful moments that help remind us of the beauty and interconnectedness of life.

Jewel Buchanan-Boone
Jewel Buchanan-Boone

Event Manager

Jewel Buchanan-Boone was raised in Stockton, California & has resided in the Bay Area for nearly a decade. A poet & writer by trade, over the last 10 years she has relentlessly pursued her passions of art, music, and activism, deeply integrating into communities within San Francisco & Oakland as an event organizer & performer. As a poet, Jewel blesses the mic as Aunty Esther, emitting Cancerian flows of tea & truths. Jewel has worked with the likes of Audiopharmacy, Ruby Veridiano, and the Black Choreographer's Festival, and is currently the Programs Coordinator of Urban x Indigenous. A renaissance woman, Jewel carries the spirit of innovation & discovery into any creative endeavor. When she’s not plotting her next adventure from the couch of a cafe, Jewel can be found shopping local, supporting events between San Francisco & Oakland, delivering babies as a doula, or strategizing around a new project.

Ariane Padaong Evans
Ariane Padaong Evans

Event Manager

A Bay Area Native, Ariane grew up in a multicultural household in Oakland where her mom spoke Spanish and her dad cooked pancit & chicken adobo. It was exciting for her to mix things up and create bridges. From running educational programs in small villages in the Philippines, to coordinating philanthropic special events and weddings, Ariane enjoys connecting people and creating memories. A classically trained dancer, avid yogi, and runner she seeks movement, progress, and success. She knows the magic dedication and patience can produce. If Ariane were to choose one animal that she felt most connected to and that represented her authentic self it would be a hummingbird. Naturally it’s because of their ability to wander, enjoy life and presume a lightness of effort and energy in all things. She searches for the good and sweetness in all situations and thrives in nature. Ariane is excited for the opportunity to share in the sweet nectar of making memorable moments with you!

Megan Dejan
Megan Dejan

Event Assistant

Megan is an enthusiastic college grad with a BA in Public Relations and a passion for storytelling. Whether it’s through a social media campaign, hosting a community event, or creating employee advocacy programs, she strives to design a creative strategy to showcase every compelling story. Megan has assisted on a variety of events from weddings to large scale nonprofit fundraisers. If she’s not working at an event, you’ll probably see her at the beach, gym, dance studio, or happy hour.

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