Make it Mariko + Endeavors Collective Launch Party

Firehouse 8, San Francisco

For the Make it Mariko + Endeavors Launch Party we wanted the focus to be the people and the dance floor. The Firehouse 8 venue had beautiful “bones” and original brick so we chose decorations that would highlight the existing architectural character.

We did custom purple draping to accompany the existing market lights, used bold colors to accent the brick, and Juna Alinea created large, impactful floral arrangements to be statement pieces. We purposefully put out minimal seating and tables to force people to get on their feet and dance, and mingle and meet each other as they shared tables for eating. The Asian style taco bar was a hit, as well as the artisanal purple cocktails: a Blackberry Lime Kentucky Mule & Blueberry Lavender Margarita.

Event Details:

Complete event planning
150 guests
Venue: Firehouse 8
Caterer: Tim Luym from The Attic (San Mateo)
Flowers: Endeavors Member – Juna Alinea
Photography: Gladys Jem Photography & Alice Che Photography
DJ: Endeavors Collective DJs – Raul Navalta & Aaron Yen
Band: Endeavors Band – OGD (Organ, Guitar, Drums)
Host: Endeavors Officiant – Alvin Rosales

Highlights: Custom purple draping, Asian-style taco bar, artisanal purple cocktails created by Make it Mariko, “poetry raffle”, dance party