Wedding: Gina & Jonny

Shakespeare Garden, Golden Gate Park
+ Terra Gallery, San Francisco, CA

That was the best, happiest, and most joyful wedding I’ve ever attended.
- Bel T.
- Bel T.
Best. Wedding. Ever.
Janice M.
Janice M.

Event Details:

Complete event planning
200 guests
: Juna Alinea
Officiant: Alvin Rosales
Photobooth: Say Ya Photobooth
Catering: The Attic Restaurant
DJ: DJ Strategy

Highlights: Circular ceremony, energy circle, lifesize cardboard cutouts, bride/groom trivia, handpicked mugs for each guest as wedding favors, mahjong!, a flashmob first dance, and late night pizza.

Photography credits: Carino Collective